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October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”.

India is observing “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” for the first time this year to make it an International event for all men’s rights and fathers’ rights groups across the world.

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October 2 (M.K. Gandhi’s birthday and International Day of Non-Violence) – Press Conference to mark the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

October 11 – Launch of NGO for protection of men from domestic violence.

October 18 – Cultural program to spread awareness regarding the truth about domestic violence. Launch of NGO for protection of mothers-in-law.

October 25 – BLACK DAY – Hyderabad team in Bangalore to attend national rally.

ALL MONTH – Flyer campaign across the city.


29 SEPTEMBER – 12pm to 5 pm

Poster Display regarding The Truth About Domestic Violence and Indian Domestic Violence Laws at Darushafa Hall opposite Vidhan Sabha (Legislature) – Lucknow.

A power point presentation.

Open forum for media and public.

Q&A session.

4pm – Press Release and announcement of “hath milao campaign”.

If you want to Stop Misuse of Domestic Violence Laws, Shake Hand With Us!

5 pm – Road Show

Every Sunday during the month – road shows in a different part of the city.

ALL MONTH – Sticker campaign and display of posters at every major location in the city.


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